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Before Adeli could explain, Patriarch Stephen said directly I read in the newspaper that Qingyun City is mostly used for traveling in animal vehicles, right Adeli looked at the unconcealable pride in his father is brows and eyes, and could not help but feel a little funny in his heart.

The man also sent a voice message to Wen Wenyu But if you do not listen to me. 000 Then. Cried fiercely. Is not my senior sister is wife very virtuous Bai Zhen is expression was stiff What is a senior sister is wife was not it the senior brother is wife last time.

Lu Changfeng understood after a little thought, but he was not annoyed, and said with a smile I remember you were very afraid of me at first. Yue Wujiu patted Ji Shu is shoulder in pain For the sake of the overall situation, thank you for your hard work.

If the humble minister guards the northeast, the county horse will raise him well. Gan Province has a flat terrain, but there are many forests and barriers, and the locals are extremely xenophobic. The brigade commander of the camp was so happy that he dismissed Guan Fei and called Commander 500 Mg CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies Ding directly. This group of venerable celestial masters can not even touch the rules of the ghost house, let alone study it.

The old lady sneered Make it up, laura ingrahm cbd gummies you continue to make it up, boasting Smilz CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies that you do not care about it at all, are you still worthy of being a father After finishing speaking, the old man waved the stick in her hand to create an afterimage, indica gummies benefits chasing and beating Zhao Mingting in an extremely vigorous figure.

Hua Qing cheered, The eldest prince is really a good man She almost jumped out of the what is delta 9 cbd gummies carriage and took out her purse for silver to buy wine. Xie Yun did not dare to do it because her thoughts and vision were limited, and she could not see the development of Anhai City ten years later.

How long can instant noodles and self 5mg cbd capsules heating rice be stored Mu Wanqing is gaze fell on the test paper. Girls are hard to choose, so forget it, and the two of them are still reluctant to act. In the center of the mirror, there are some stage lighting effects. On the way to the police station, Gu Chu had already gone through all his memories about the case.

He was very excited, and she immediately shouted excitedly A Ming. Because it is a group of women is family members, a woman is selected to lead the team. Qingyun City appeared in front of the big guys at this time, and it had to be said that it was indeed a shot in the arm. 527, Ren Yaguang parked the car outside a canteen.

In this family, if there is her, there will be no Yaxuan and me, you can figure it out Lin Can you bring CBD pills on a plane.

#1 How to eat CBD oil

Where To Get CBD Gummies For Ed Jianmin was also annoyed If I had not looked at her pitifully at the beginning, how could I have agreed what is delta 9 cbd gummies to bring her back Those who grew up in the countryside are uneducated Seeing that Cai Meili is complexion was still not good, she hugged her and coaxed her Okay, you and Yaxuan are my fate, do not 500 Mg CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies you know Since she is so disobedient, let is just send her back to the countryside.

Back in the familiar Marshal is Mansion, Xia Xiaoli lay down on Auston is big bed that was still hard. The Smilz CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies power of Fumian to prolong life, we spirit beasts have long been extinct, how what is delta 9 cbd gummies can we live until now. The stingy old lady is willing to give up her house as a village school It is just. He used his thinking to understand Pengpeng is words, and said with a little surprise You want to be my best cbd capsules uk adopted daughter No.

She does not intend to kill them what is delta 9 cbd gummies all, after all, Mingcheng will be her territory in the future, and she needs people from different levels to be obedient, to do things for her, and to be her eyeliner. He does not care about this, he only cares about one thing What are you talking about, what does it have to do with me He still asked.

That girl looked rebellious, like a wild horse that was hard to subdue. But later she did not see Sanniang punished for disrespecting the queen. 500 Mg CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies On the side, there is that noble and glamorous snow leopard, stretching out its paws to shake hands with people reservedly. The name Goudan is a nickname, and he has never had a big name of his own.

It is not impossible to be recognized by the other party. Another sound of footsteps in the yard also faded away, Su Ping nodded do not talk too late, I have to see a doctor tomorrow. Yongjinghou understood what she meant You mean, there are caves in this mountain Will the mountain stream flow into the cave It is also possible. Back to Beijing Mother, are you what is delta 9 cbd gummies planning to go to the border to find your father Mrs.

A strange woman who combines beauty and talent, seeing her demeanor will never be forgotten in this lifetime. Su Ping said um, her voice was lazy and tired, and she rubbed against the man is arms again, because she really could not hear anything can cbd help with cataracts because his hands what is delta 9 cbd gummies covered her ears.

But we will also pay attention to propriety, and will not exceed the standard of food and accommodation for official posts, so as not to cause unnecessary troubles. There are many kinds of books in the bookstore. And their games, they thought they were good before, that is because they have not seen a really good game. It is the usual routine.

Shang Meiniang called to stop her. She also once had the idea of wanting to explore the information of Xiangyangshengsheng, but it was only for a moment, and she suppressed it. That is right, you have said it countless times. After closing what is delta 9 cbd gummies his eyes for a moment, the two people in his perception came to the peach tree.

I do not believe it, this place is more terrifying than the bayonets edibles on line of the Japanese devils When everyone thinks about it, it does make sense. This is the first time that the Red Empire has lost so badly since its founding, especially to the Eastern countries that the whole of Europe looked down upon and could only be bullied by them in the past.

Qingqing, Uncle will participate in the auction of Saint Butterfly Orchid at that moment. Yun Shu plans to pack up her things later, and go to collect information and study the city first. Of course he knew who Bai Changfeng and Xun Tianhai were referring to as Uncle Du. Do not worry about him.

Then what do you mean you have never pushed your sister Have you ever thought about pushing yourself Yinzhen sneered coldly, and almost understood. Is the water cold Do you want to heat the water Ying Ge avoided the wound and put on his what is delta 9 cbd gummies coat, the rustling of the clothes was suppressed by her voice.

A dead dog man is shameless I am going to marry a wife, and I still remember her days every month. Everything, there was nothing that did not dig her heart. She wanted to be what is delta 9 cbd gummies good, but the unlucky one who got hit by the book, oh, old friend. As long as he becomes more beautiful, what is Lu Haoyu There must be a lot of better men like me.

If there is a chance, Yin Yin intends to popularize writing in the Beastman Continent. Since Concubine Bai is pregnant, why take her out to join in the fun, do not you think that you will bump into bumps or eat something wrong Emperor Chu snorted coldly.

Your wish should also be to go home and have a look Jiang Li tilted his head. She did not seem to understand how humble and weak she was in this world, so she dared to raise her head and say to the sky high above Do you need my protection You must. It seems that what he was worried about will not happen again. Your grandma is talking nonsense, every child is a baby.

Cheng You used to give it to her. Jing Zhao was trapped in the laboratory. Can not count on it. Mrs. A loud voice rang out. He studies so well and could have been admitted to a good university. The conspicuous sign of the fire engine appeared in everyone is sight. It can not be cured without a hundred taels of silver.

How did he know that the demolition of this area has actually been finalized, but the announcements are hemp delta gummies still What does take 2 gummies daily mean.

#2 How to reduce anxiety about sids

Can I Fly With CBD Gummies 2023 being made in batches, and the old couple do not go what is delta 9 cbd gummies out very much, so they naturally did not see the announcement posted on the community bulletin board.

After getting married, she found out that Lin Anyang could not do anything, did not have anything to eat, and was extremely selfish, so she regretted it a little. Is not the blueberry of another local tyrant a privilege Yuan Shanxue I do not know if others are privileged, anyway, I snatched it with my quick hands.

Chu Junyan is heart beat violently Ali, what are you doing Give your husband a bath This brush seems a bit big Gu Qingli thought for a while, then ran over with the broom in his arms, and said seriously, But Yanyan said that the husband is the husband, the husband is the sky, the what is delta 9 cbd gummies sky is tall and big, Ah Li thought, just right.

This child has always been an optimistic person, but Su Kefang was really curious about his gloomy appearance today. It was originally intended to be a poisonous balm, but Yuer did not prepare the poison well, so it. As soon as the old lady finished speaking, the people in Hongmiao Village became excited. Then, she took Zai er is hand, closed her eyes and pushed her mental power out from the foot Smilz CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies of the mountain.

And these people are all students who have made a living after learning something from the shantang, and what is do gas stations sell cbd more, they have become students of the little rich by relying on the skills they have learned. Then, he lowered his eyelids, Even if it is not, Dad, you have to find other ways to get close to him.

Gu Qing said, In addition, I plan to let you do business in the central area, where you collect resources, you can sell them to me, and you can also sell the things in Qingyun City Where to sell it at a higher price, how much of the price difference can you calculate Yingliang listened, his how to use cbd isolate oil eyes lit up instantly.

Mom, let me donate again. Yin Yin had a good impression of this little girl, but recently Smilz CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies she could see that something was wrong with her. No matter how much I can not believe it, it 500 Mg CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies can not compare to the despair when I saw it with my own eyes. Gu Qingli looked as usual Let is ignore it for now, write this matter into a letter and send it to the prince.

At 15 30, the cake had been frozen for 5 hours, and it was the time when it tasted the best. Jiang Shulan looked at the tall and handsome Zhou Zhongfeng, and could not help but said, Is it really okay if you do not go Over there, Commander Gao obviously had urgent business with him.

Know what she is afraid of Ziqing was stunned, not knowing what to say for a long time. I, my what is delta 9 cbd gummies hand does not work, I, I can not let go. Lin Wan what is delta 9 cbd gummies went home first, changed her clothes, took another two hundred taels of silver notes, pulled out the newly bought horse, and took Lin Qiao straight to the town clinic. Bai Yueyue did not have the slightest intention to please him.

After King Liang died, he personally took people to see the house where pregnant women were locked up, and the soul was scared away. Chang what is delta 9 cbd gummies Green Spectrum CBD Gummies For Ed Shan rushed forward and the people who were still in a daze said what is delta 9 cbd gummies Miss Shen is back, she is fine, she is asleep, everyone do not have to worry, hurry up and prepare the things that the elder son ordered.

Mu Zicheng gasped, and looked around subconsciously. what is delta 9 cbd gummies So for the time being, I do not need to worry about being injured by the star beast that suddenly turned back. It is about the selfless dedication of the gentlemen. But here, the fact that Luo Qingya spoke first was not because she claimed to have status in the circle, so she wanted to occupy the right to speak among the four people and be the leader.

Director Zhang is nickname was actually Iron Danzi. I have not explored the surrounding area yet, but Daang should be able to serve as a temporary shelter. It is called Caocao, a green grass. Xue I will pay you two At this time, Guo Cheng and others came to the door with gifts to congratulate, and praised Mingchun for being so good.

Du Xiaodi is not yet a military soldier, so he is not qualified to participate in the league member meeting. Everyone knows that no one can lie down. Wrong. Some people are bitter before sweet, some people are sweet before bitter, and some people are peaceful all their lives.

It is a bit difficult to type in Pinyin or Wubi, but is not the temple master good at writing You can write 500 Mg CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies by hand. After hesitating for Smilz CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies a moment, he immediately made a gesture of invitation, Just go up. Where are you going Xie Jiexing finally spoke. It turns out that it lost 100 mg cbd gummies for sale its mind because it was hungry.

Huahua, Huahua Zuo Yunzheng is face turned pale, his voice changed, he jumped to the ground with the little girl in his arms, and kept shaking while calling her. No matter how wonderful what is delta 9 cbd gummies CBD Gummies Shark Tank Quit Smoking the performance was, he could not attract his attention. Fu Tao er just thought it would be convenient to do things here, so she bumped into Yu Ning who was coming in front of her. Shen is family, Yan Ju, Huang Zhenyi and others escorted the victim into the autopsy room of the funeral parlor.

When he saw Su Kefang walking towards the gate of the bandits den with Su Mu and Su Ye in such a swaggering manner, Chen Bao could what to do when u have anxiety not help but widen his eyes, Who owns hazel hills CBD gummies.

#3 Best CBD for sleep apnea

CBD Gummies For Penis Growth and he quickly chased after Su Kefang and the others when they were about to reach the gate.

He knew Ms. It was really dangerous shooting. Jun Tianqing felt that he could no longer contain the evil devil in his heart. Tang Wanyin shook his head when he saw that there was only an enamel jar on the table next to the window besides the water bottle.

When I send Xiaohong to class, what is delta 9 cbd gummies I often meet her. Mu He immediately released Yu Peili what is delta 9 cbd gummies is silly bird, they really love each other, is it possible that they are afraid that they will roast and eat them Xianjun, Xianjun The parrot enthusiastically rubbed the man is arm and raised his head high.

He must be crazy. Yunshu had been observing the zombie while speaking, and suddenly found that its speed was not right, it seemed to be slower than the zombies she had seen before, and it also showed that the danger was greatly reduced. Except for some what is delta 9 cbd gummies money from the court as compensation, there is nothing else. The mountains and rivers are beautiful hemp delta gummies K2 Life CBD Gummies and the scenery is extremely good.

Gong Qi coughed lightly, and pouted towards the camera. That is right. Xue is also happy to see her son getting better. It is a delicate job. Ah, I am bleeding. Also, it is absolutely impossible for Qingli to lie to me, she must have Something was delayed, so I did not come yesterday. She met her man on the train. The second happy event was that Fu Yuemei was pregnant.

After returning to Wuyi Zhai, the two brothers did not go what is delta 9 cbd gummies to bed immediately, they lit the candles and sat together to talk. So he asked her to close what is delta 9 cbd gummies the painting boat, or stop going to the painting boat to play the piano, and live in Zhuangzi with peace of mind, and he will give the money.

However, she still did not participate in the selection. Some fruits have fallen, so everyone can pick them up and eat them. It was Yu Min, a young lady from the Yu family, who was also his fianc e. He was the most suitable candidate, and he was really worried about handing it over to other goblins.

Mom, how can this firecracker be dangerous if it is so fun Wenwen asked with her mouth pouted. There is also the deacon that Qingqing wanted before, and I will work hard to learn everything, take care of everything about Qingqing, and take good care of Qingqing.

The next moment, Gu Qing focused on the login button in the upper right corner. He thought that what Chen Zhangguan said was right, the Northeast Army had to practice hard and reforge before it could be reborn. Jun Tianqing and Yunzhi stood up, and the others followed suit. What do you mean Father is here.

If those things are not done well, if you can not write well, your hands might as well be useless. Jiang Yan thought, what does she want to grow up so fast The body can serve sleep and be loved for a while, but it may not be able to bear children. This kind of thing must have exchanges. Mu Wanqing already has a plan, but it still needs to be perfected.

Killing and burning and looting is the style of the Japanese devils. Xu Yunbo has a Chinese stomach and only likes Chinese food, but what is delta 9 cbd gummies cbd for pain sold near me Xu Xiaobai, who grew up abroad, loves Western food. At the last second before losing consciousness, Xu Youyou is eyes were fixed on Xu Wenyin is direction, and she heard that sentence. She scolded Xu Qing an severely, and was more disappointed in him than ever before.

The man what is delta 9 cbd gummies said casually, I do not mind if you take advantage of what is delta 9 cbd gummies me. Sure, of course, Yulian Yurong, take good care of Ms. Smilz CBD Gummies hemp delta gummies What shocked Tang Wanyin was that the one who climbed the tree what is delta 9 cbd gummies was the most well behaved Ziqing. She turned on fake cbd oil brands the TV and watched cartoons by herself.

Xie Qing was taken aback, How do what is delta 9 cbd gummies you say Xie Chen scooped up a spoonful of chicken soup and brought it to her mouth, Not only Mr. I want to go to the county to study. It is full of vastness and no grass grows. The storekeepers did not know what to do with them, so they kept piling up.

Shen Yuanbai listened quietly, and after a while, he asked, When will the household registration be removed On what is delta 9 cbd gummies CBD Gummies Shark Tank Quit Smoking the 25th, the school is on holiday. While laughing at them, the magic eagle flapped its wings mischievously, and a gust of best marijuana edibles wind blew Smilz CBD Gummies hemp delta gummies them away by surprise.

Fu Yao narrowed her eyes, one thousand taels of gold, just to see her This person was too arrogant to make a move. Boss. Everyone felt dazzled and exclaimed and praised. After all, Luo Shi felt that Yaoguang Temple was too unlucky, especially for the concubine, it was simply an ominous place.

She softly echoed Yinfeng is words. He stepped forward without hesitation and knocked Qiao Renfei and Tan Xiaolian unconscious one by one with a knife. Suddenly, their expressions changed slightly. It is because it is a good place that the Japanese devils can not wait to seize it.

The rest of the team also slowly calmed down at this time, looking at Alcott with a bit of helplessness in their eyes. The live broadcast teacher really likes to show the beauties in the audience. Little chubby Yang Shuda only begged Hurry up to dawn. Song Ci was idle teasing the little girl, when she heard that the son of a human spirit was what is delta 9 cbd gummies coming, her heart twitched.

That was another side of Zhou Zhongfeng that Jiang Shulan had never seen before. The heavy snow kept falling, and the cold wind almost got into the house through the crack of How does CBD oil tincture make you feel.

#4 Is cannabis oil addictive

Bio Spectrum CBD Gummies the door. Su Huang added fuel to the fire. He put the mid sheet on her and carefully tied the straps.

In the end, a young minister said convincingly The flower god is played by an unmarried woman. Just looking at it, Yin Yin is heart skipped a beat. Zou Yang was stunned for a moment, You know the opponent is weak, why did not you kill him when he was weak This is the end of it. Little Nencao, at your age, it is time to discuss marriage, right I know a young lady from a wealthy family.

He patted his head, If this hits me on the head, my head will not bloom. During the day, they will not come out in the third courtyard. Very what is delta 9 cbd gummies hi. She regretted that she was not there at that time, otherwise she might be able to save her. After hearing about the plague, Mrs. Wolong Community is a high end community with a large area. Sister in law, you are still being polite to me. Seeing Wenwen is bright eyes, Lin Wuxing is expression softened I am not angry.

He is not in a hurry, the secret room will always be found, sooner or later. You have a mountain named Luofu, but after entering the Dongtingbo Waterfall, you have really entered the depths of Luofu Mountain. Qing er, although Fourth Master Song is a little dandy who does everything from fighting cocks to walking dogs, but his aunt has made it clear that he has a good temper. There is a river near Baishui Village.

In the end, the lovers will naturally get married, and the general will be rewarded for his evil, and he will end up miserable. Shen Lingzhou bent down and put his small head in front of Princess Changle Look at the county, the boat is knocking, big bag.

Hey, she is been eating raw carrots for the past two days, and the two foods in front of her now have a fatal temptation for her. Now, what can they do Let is talk about it when people arrive Calculate the time, the beast tide is coming soon, after the beast tide, the strength of this territory will definitely be weakened, and then it will what is delta 9 cbd gummies be our good opportunity.

Outrageous Had he forgotten her identity No matter what, now she is his future sister in law on the surface Does he even know what he is doing Ruan Mingshu was carried into the carriage by him, and the breath on the man is body was stronger than that on the skirt of his clothes.

Xia Xin just wanted to put down the paper, but when he heard Jiang Li is words, he immediately understood, Old Ancestor, you want to make clothes for Fu Er Jiang Li hummed, then looked what is delta 9 cbd gummies CBD Gummies Shark Tank Quit Smoking at Fu Er again, Hurry up. The white clothes fell down, .

and the man stood in front of Fu Yao.

She sat on it and directed the chief chief to adjust his movements from time to time. Now there are only Ge Yan and Ouyang Wan in the plum forest in East Garden. Why do you think someone gave what is delta 9 cbd gummies me money It is the same as the lady at the market last time. Red.

Chen Cheng, who was thrown to the ground, was covered in dust. Only Jiang Shulan and his family have help, that is, the status of Grandpa Zhou and Grandma Zhou is in charge, and Aunt Li is equipped by the organization, so there is no gossip. Ye Luo shook his head, It is not so easy to shatter the void. This is the suspicion of being an emperor.

Director Li is explanation was simple and easy to understand, but there was still a question in Luo Qingya is mind. The bathroom is very simple, with two canal shaped pits, half person high wooden cubicles, long running water, and very general sanitary conditions.

When she arrived at the destination, she found that there was actually another person here. If it was for a handsome man, it would be fine. Everyone did not know why Mr. Actually, I think we can have a fireplace like the one you mentioned in the room.

When the bone umbrella is gone, the demon bone inside will be exposed. Who would believe this That is exactly what happened. These things are available in the concept, and can what is delta 9 cbd gummies be used directly. Under his malicious attack, many people have gone bankrupt.

The younger sister carried a piece of meat, and Da Jun also carried what is delta 9 cbd gummies two smaller ones, which had a rib besides the meat. Because I was the youngest son, Grandpa was very happy and sealed her as the sixth concubine. By accident, Fu Yao walked to the door of the tavern. This competition Smilz CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies is very important to the Xuanmen what is delta 9 cbd gummies Association.

The relationship between mother and son has gradually become closer. Chi Ji agreed casually, anyway, it was nothing more than those few pre match instructions, it what is delta 9 cbd gummies did not matter if he heard it or not. what is delta 9 cbd gummies Sometimes it is just a sneaky bite, and the little guy shut up and ran away when she scared her, that is okay. Qin Song plunged headlong into the research, and Zhao Xiangyou even assigned Smilz CBD Gummies hemp delta gummies him several medical assistants.

The Zhang family and Smilz CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies the Zhao family are also close. Head Zhao thought that he was too happy, and laughed at everyone, Look, the brat is getting married, so why do not you wear the bed I think back when I got married, I made two beds Blow you The gay men next to him smiled and joked ambiguously.

Seeing the anxious family hemp delta gummies K2 Life CBD Gummies members in the hall, Zhuang Xian stood by the door helplessly, unable to move her calves. When Qing Yue heard this, regardless of the wounds on his body, he leaned his arms on the car Are goli gummies good for diabetics.

#5 Can tek labs CBD oil

California CBD Gummies and looked at Jiang Li with a half smile Little sister, how old are you this year I can see that your spiritual appearance is not ordinary.

Yu Guangnian was never in love, so he naturally saw Tong Yuxue is true face at this time. A family of three ate, and the old lady picked and picked while eating, talking about which dish was salty and which dish was bland. Xia Xiaoli buried her face in Auston is arms, and she held Auston is palm tightly, like a drowning person grasping driftwood. In this small company, it was very easy to find Zhao Wenhua.

The other party seemed to be fully prepared, but when it came, he was a little tangled and nervous. Huh Ning Qing, what a coincidence Why are you here She was thinking about buying some flowers for the house, especially in the empty yard, she was going to buy some flower seeds.

At that time, the picture was that the Zhao family had a good family style, there were not so many messes in the backyard, and the Dalang people were good. But I can not touch it, the whole person is going crazy Itchy, itchy Although Mrs. Did you learn it in school Almost. After the man said, everyone made way out of the way.

The cat is eye snails and moon shell razor clams were blanched separately and then marinated. He. Prince Min reluctantly twitched the corners of his mouth, lowered his eyes, and looked at the slightly trembling hands on his thighs, feeling a little annoyed. In the study, there was an exclamation.

Chen Yeming lowered the car window, went to the resting place next to him, and called out, Is anyone there As if hearing Chen Yeming is voice, a man in overalls and a mask came out from the resting point. You should know your own date of birth, right Chen Tianxu nodded, sniffed, picked up the pen and paper on the table pretending to be calm, wrote down his father is date of birth and his own birthday, can cbd oil help with weed addiction and handed them to Jiang Li.

My sister left me thirty yuan. Vice President Qian asked, are not you happy after Smilz CBD Gummies what is delta 9 cbd gummies selling so many construction bonds Maybe the Sea Island Credit Cooperative has changed from the previous duck egg to the number one this time. Song Zhiyuan is expression changed drastically, and he immediately stood up from his seat and rushed out. She stared at the back of Duan Xian is ear, and said in surprise, You have a red mole behind your ear.

If Zhang Jie asked her why she suddenly what is hemp oil extract good for wanted to strengthen her body and learn martial arts, she would pour what is delta 9 cbd gummies CBD Gummies Shark Tank Quit Smoking all the dirty water on Shen Si, crying and complaining, blaming her husband for being too cruel and not hurting at all. Brother Feng, shall we drag her into our team Qiu Feng shook his head She will not be willing.

The atmosphere suddenly changed. Song Ci looked at Gong Nai and said Go to what is delta 9 cbd gummies the old man is side, drag all the maidservants to my yard, and tell his daughters in law to take over. Then, the moment Tie Dan er ran out, she also ran out, and then closed the door with a bang. Fu Yao put the lotus in the water and washed her hands seriously.