Burdale Financial Ltd

Burdale Financial Ltd

Burdale is a key player in comprehensive asset based lending (CABL) in the UK and US. Established in 1992, Burdale has offices in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Stamford, Connecticut and New York. Burdale became a member of the Bank of Ireland Group in January 2005.

Burdale provide finance for the growth, development and turnaround plans of mid to large corporates throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. Burdale also provides Letters of Credit and Foreign Exchange facilities.

Burdale is a member of the Bank of Ireland Group. Bank of Ireland is a diversified Financial Services Group established in 1783 by a Royal Charter. A traditional, relationship-driven retail and commercial bank with a conservative business philosophy, Bank of Ireland employs c. 14,600 staff worldwide. Its range of products and long-standing good reputation provide Burdale with the strong backing to deliver quality service and well-structured financial solutions to its clients.

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Burdale Financial Ltd
5th Floor, Bow Bells House,
1 Bread Street,
London EC4M 9BE

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