Buy Invoices

Buy Invoices

The UK offers professional advice on factoring, invoice discounting as methods for firms to buy invoices. The aim of the is to provide a high quality of factoring and invoice discounting service and to support businesses looking to raise finance by allowing an invoice finance company to buy outstanding invoices.

  • Do you sell goods or services on credit with no obligation to buy
  • Do you email invoices and are tired of waiting 90 days for client to pay.
  • Do you bulk email invoices to customer on credit terms
  • Do you have regular customers and have lots of the same recurring invoices

If so then a factoring company will actually buy invoice from your business and give you up to 90% of the money within 24-48 hours

A factoring will help you raise money and buy invoice from your business

Traditionally, the process of raising funds for working capital and start up capital has involved creating a business plan and having someone assess the creditworthiness of a business. For most small business the process often ends in disappointment.

However many entrepreneurs are now looking to new options like factoring companies to buy invoices and raise cashflow on a performance basis.

The advantages of using a factoring company to buy invoices from a business

  • A factoring company drastically improves business cash flow
  • A factoring company offers businesses a flexible finance facility without the need to apply for credit in the form of a loan or overdraft.
  • A factoring company also frees a business from the debt collection process.
  • A factoring company operates the collection process in house, reducing the staff costs for the business.
  • A factoring company can give a business enough confidence to take large orders from your customers.
  • A factoring company takes care of the entire credit function presenting a professional face to your customers and improves your cash flow
  • A factoring company will essentially turn businesses outstanding invoices into cash.

The UK has helped thousands of customers that have already found out how quick and easy a job a factoring facility makes of paying invoices so quick and easy. Please call 0800 597 4757 for help and advice today

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