Commercial finance solutions

Commercial finance solutions

Using commercial factoring as a type of business finance

The UK Factoring Helpline provide professional advice on all types of commercial finance for businesses of all sizes. Call us on 0800 597 4757 or apply online for commercial finance help.

There are lots of commercial finance products available in the UK to start or grow a new or existing business such as:

  • Asset Finance – Hire Purchase, Leasing or Re-finance
  • Property Finance – Commercial Mortgages for Freehold of Leasehold Properties, Commercial re-mortgages and Commercial Bridging Loans
  • Invoice Finance – Factoring or Confidential Invoice Discounting
  • Recruitment Finance – Total solutions for start up and established recruitment businesses

Searching for commercial finance

In the UK there are many commercial finance solutions in the UK from place such as; finance houses, banks, niche lenders and commercial factoring brokers. There are hundreds of different commercial finance providers in the UK and the options can get even more confusing for business looking for first time finance/

Commercial Loans

Commercial loans are available in the UK to businesses on all commercial property types. Please note that property can either be property already owned or intended to buy for property such as:

  • Office Blocks – Commercial loans
  • Shops with Upper Part – Commercial Loans
  • Shops without Upper Part – Commercial Loans
  • Warehouses – Commercial Loans
  • Land – Commercial Loans
  • Farmland – Commercial loans
  • Building Finance – Commercial loans
  • Property Finance – Commercial loans
  • Commercial Auction property – Commercial Loans

Commercial finance is provided by many different sources

Arranging commercial Finance such as factoring requires a wide range of issues to be taken into consideration including the structure of a business, its current financing arrangements and a detailed audit or invoice system inspection to see if your business qualifies of commercial finance.

Past commercial finance success stories:

  • A leading security recruitment company was given a lifeline after we secured an asset based finance facility from a leading commercial finance house
  • A specialist 80 year old house building company was rescued from administration with the support of a six-figure invoice finance facility from a niche commercial factoring finance firm based in London

The UK Factoring Helpline is a leading provider of business finance solutions such as; Factoring, invoice discounting and asset based lending. Call 0800 597 4757 or apply online for an informal chat about commercial factoring finance and other solutions.

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