Factoring companies in the UK

Factoring companies in the UK

In the UK factoring companies offer payment on invoices that have been submitted to customers on credit. Factoring companies in the UK can ensure that a business keeps its cashflow coming in. If you require any further information about factoring companies or our factoring in general then please call 0800 597 4757 or apply online.

In the UK factoring companies charge fees, for providing you with immediate payment against payment periods which are normally up to 90 day payment periods. For businesses in the UK factoring provides a n affective way for smaller businesses to stay afloat and compete against larger, more established business.

If you think your company could benefit from factoring, do it sooner rather than later. Our best advice is choose a factoring company that’s based in the UK and that understands your business and make sure it’s a member of the ABFA.

Introduction to factoring companies in the UK

If you operate a business in the UK and are considering factoring companies please make sure you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages in full.Factoring companies in the UK have been helping business to manage cashflow for many years and can help a small business compete with a large and established firm. Factoring companies are experts in releasing cash ties up in a businesses sales ledger.

Factoring companies are used by businesses of all sizes in the UK because as the factoring facility grows the business is provided with an ongoing source of funding.

What is the process for the factoring helpline choosing a factoring companies in the UK.

  • Complete the short factoring form to receive some factoring quotes.
  • Compare the quotes and the factoring team at the UK factoring helpline will contact you to discuss your needs
  • One of the factoring experts will then help you to decide upon the best factoring facility and factoring company for your business needs.
  • A full analysis of all the suitable factoring companies in the UK will then be provided.
  • Once accepted factoring companies provide an immediate injection of capital into the business
  • On an ongoing basis factoring companies manage the Sales Ledger

List of factoring companies in the UK

  • AIB Commercial Services Ltd
  • Aldemore Invoice Finance
  • Anglo Irish Bank
  • Ashley Commercial Finance
  • Bank of America, NA
  • Bank of Ireland Finance, Dublin
  • Bank of Ireland Commercial Finance, Belfast
  • Barclays Asset & Sales Finance
  • Bibby Financial Services Ltd
  • Burdale Financial Ltd
  • Cavendish Investments (Manchester) Ltd
  • Centric Commercial Finance
  • City Invoice Finance Ltd
  • Close Invoice Finance Ltd
  • Clydesdale Bank Plc
  • Coface Receivables Finance Ltd
  • Crédit Agricole Commercial Finance
  • Davenham Trade Finance Ltd
  • Easy Invoice Finance Ltd
  • First Trust Bank
  • Fortis Commercial Finance Ltd
  • GE Commercial Finance
  • GE Commercial Distribution Finance Europe Ltd
  • Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC
  • HSBC Invoice Finance (UK) Ltd
  • Independent Growth Finance
  • JSM Finance Ltd
  • KBC Business Capital
  • Leumi ABL Ltd
  • Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Ltd
  • Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Ltd – Ireland
  • National Irish Bank
  • Northern Bank Ltd
  • Positive Cashflow Finance Ltd
  • Regency Factors Plc
  • RBS Invoice Finance
  • Santander Invoice Finance (formerly Liquidity Ltd)
  • Skipton Business Finance Ltd
  • SME Invoice Finance Ltd
  • State Securities Plc
  • Ulster Bank Invoice Finance (NI)
  • Ulster Bank Invoice Finance
  • Ultimate Finance Group Plc
  • Venture Finance Plc
  • FGI Finance

The UK factoring helpline is specialist broker who knows that some factoring companies don’t live up to their claims. Our many years of trading the factoring helpline will find a factoring company I in the UK to sign up with that will get cashflow fast for any company in the UK. Call 0800 597 4757. When it comes to choosing factoring companies we are the very experienced.

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