Factoring in the UK

Factoring in the UK

Contact Factoringhelpline.co.uk. We cover the whole UK and provide factoring, invoice discounting & business cashflow advice. We provide factoring services for businesses with a turnover of £50k to £20 million. Contact us for a free quote and improve your cash flow on 0800 597 4757.

Services provided

  1. Invoice factoring
  2. Invoice finance
  3. Invoice discounting
  4. Credit control services
  5. Business cash flow
  6. Recruitment finance

Factoring UK advantages

  • Factoring UK can provide up to 95% of invoice values paid by the next working day
  • Factoring UK can provide improved cashflow for businesses
  • Factoring is a flexible method to finance a business
  • The good point to note about factoring invoices is the finance facility grows with your business
  • The advantage of factoring in the UK is there is no need to keep increasing your borrowing facilities
  • Factoring in the UK is a great way for businesses to manage risk
  • Factoring invoices help reduce current debtor levels for businesses of all sizes
  • Factoring in the UK gets rid of the need to provide credit to your customers.

Get an invoice finance quote today by calling 0800 597 4757 or apply online to compare factoring companies

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