Free Factoring Advice

Free Factoring Advice

The can negotiate on your behalf with any factoring company operating in the UK. is FREE to all businesses. No charges are made as will receive commission from the factoring company.

The will provide free factoring advice and introduce the best funders for your business. Please note we offer FREE factoring advice to the public because we are paid a commission by the factoring company will help businesses decide the best factoring route and guide them through the following hard decisions:-

  • Free factoring advice to help decide when the right time is to set up a factoring facility
  • Free advice to help your business decide which factoring company to use
  • Free factoring advice on which factor is going to give your business the highest advance
  • Free advice to whether to factor through a small specialist independent factoring company
  • Free factoring advice on whether your business should use large subsidiaries of the main clearing banks
  • Free advice on the advantages and disadvantages of based factoring
  • Free advice on the implications of lending against other assets such as stock, plant and machinery, and property
  • Free factoring advice on which factoring company is going to give you the best service or highest advance
  • Free factoring advice on which factoring company is going to be most sympathetic to your business
  • Free factoring advice on which factoring company is best at dealing with overseas debtors
  • Free factoring advice on which factoring company are going to be asking you for personal guarantees, and which ones aren’t?
  • Free advice on the differences factoring and invoice discounting are other factoring options offered.

There are so many factoring companies in the UK, the below lists the major ones operating:-

  • AIB Commercial Services Ltd
  • Aldemore Invoice Finance
  • Anglo Irish Bank
  • Ashley Commercial Finance
  • Bank of America, NA
  • Bank of Ireland Finance, Dublin
  • Bank of Ireland Commercial Finance, Belfast
  • Bank of Scotland Cashflow Finance
  • Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Commercial Division
  • Barclays Asset & Sales Finance
  • Bibby Financial Services Ltd
  • Burdale Financial Ltd
  • Cavendish Investments (Manchester) Ltd
  • Centric Commercial Finance
  • City Invoice Finance Ltd
  • Close Invoice Finance Ltd
  • Clydesdale Bank Plc
  • Coface Receivables Finance Ltd
  • Crédit Agricole Commercial Finance
  • Davenham Trade Finance Ltd
  • Easy Invoice Finance Ltd
  • First Trust Bank
  • Fortis Commercial Finance Ltd
  • GE Commercial Finance
  • GE Commercial Distribution Finance Europe Ltd
  • Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC
  • HSBC Invoice Finance (UK) Ltd
  • Independent Growth Finance
  • JSM Finance Ltd
  • KBC Business Capital
  • Leumi ABL Ltd
  • Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Ltd
  • Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Ltd – Ireland
  • National Irish Bank
  • Northern Bank Ltd
  • Positive Cashflow Finance Ltd
  • Regency Factors Plc
  • RBS Invoice Finance
  • Santander Invoice Finance (formerly Liquidity Ltd)
  • Skipton Business Finance Ltd
  • SME Invoice Finance Ltd
  • State Securities Plc
  • Ulster Bank Invoice Finance (NI)
  • Ulster Bank Invoice Finance
  • Ultimate Finance Group Plc
  • Venture Finance Plc offers free factoring advice and helps businesses understand the issues they need to consider in making an informed choice as to which is the best factoring company to use. helps businesses understand the factoring risks, factoring costs and factoring terms; and negotiate a factoring agreement that suits particular businesses and ultimately which factoring company is going to be the right funder for your business.

If you would like to know more about debt factoring invoice discounting fees call us on 0800 597 4757 or email us.

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