SME Invoice Finance

SME Invoice Finance

The SME sector is a vital one in the UK economy. It is estimated that there are nearly 7 SME businesses in the UK. Few growing SME business are able to finance their expansion plans from cash flow alone and on the other side of the coin they are unable to borrow from banks because banks are particularly nervous of smaller businesses due to a perception that they represent a greater credit risk.

What is invoice finance?

Invoice finance is a method in which businesses that sell on credit can alleviate the problems relating to customers taking along time to pay. Invoice finance is not a loan – it is the purchase of outstanding invoices by an invoice finance company.

Why should an SME consider invoice finance?

  • SME does rarely have a long history or successful track record that potential investors can rely on in to offer traditional forms of finance. SME invoice finance relies the customers strengths.
  • Invoice finance is suitable for an SME because access to detailed financial information to assist the finance-raising process is not needed.
  • The average SME does not have a decent business plan, large amounts of assets. An Invoice finance arrangement does not need this type of surety.
  • Invoice finance relies on the value and reliability if invoices to demonstrate how they can give providers of finance some security for amounts provided.
  • Invoice finance is available to businesses with a low asset base. These are companies without substantial tangible assets which can be use to provide security for lenders.

Other Sources of finance for SME’s

There are a number of potential sources of finance to meet the needs of small and growing businesses:

  1. Existing shareholders and directors funds (‘owner financing’)
  2. Overdraft financing
  3. Trade credit
  4. Equity finance
  5. Business angel financing
  6. Venture capital
  7. Hire purchase and leasing
  8. Merchant banks

The overall objective in raising finance for a an SME is to avoid exposing the business to excessive high borrowings. An invoice finance facility will ensure that the financial risk of the company is kept at an optimal level. Get further details by calling 0800 597 4757 or applying online.

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