The benefits of using a broker factoring company

The benefits of using a broker factoring company

It is a difficult decision to decide what you want to do or who you want to work with to solve your business cashflow problems.

A broker factoring company can provide a comprehensive service that helps you understand the options that you have and guides you through how you can set up a solution that is right for your company.

The benefits of using a broker factoring company include:

  • A comprehensive review of your company and its financial situation with an experienced advisor outlining the whole situation.
  • A clear summary of your business cashflow needs, exact management accounts and therefore a report on the actual money you have to deal with everyday business cash needs.
  • A review of the factoring, cashflow and invoice discounting solutions available to a company, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure.
  • A dedicated advisor and you will have a contact number for us for daytime, evening and even weekend calls if you need help or support.
  • Many of our clients opt for the factoring solution and we pride ourselves in the fact that we have a 90% acceptance rate of company factoring proposals (against a market average of 60%-80% with some broker factoring firms).
  • If you take on a factoring facility with a broker factoring company you get a guarantee of complete peace of mind in your business factoring as agreement all options would have been looked at.
  • Applying for a factoring facility involves a detailed process which may take time to complete. Throughout this period, you will work with a dedicated broker factoring company who is available to you in the daytime, evenings and even weekends; whenever you need help or
    advice. You will not have to continually re-explain your situation to different call centre operators.
  • Many larger factoring firms require you to complete complicated forms before they are able to start work. If you give the wrong information, this can lead to an factoring facility which you can not afford. If you can not pay your factoring fees, you risk complications. Your broker factoring company advisor will complete all the documentation on your behalf making sure that all the information is correct.

The UK is a broker factoring company that provides a comprehensive service, providing expert advice, 24/7 access to support from our advisors and solutions that are suited to you needs. If you would like to solve your business cashflow problem we can and will help.

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