UK factoring and invoice discounting advice service

UK factoring and invoice discounting advice service

Wherever you are, if you are the owner or manager of an independent business, the a factoring adviser from The UK service will enable you to access a wide variety of factoring companies through by either applying online or calling 0800 597 4757.

In the UK a factoring adviser can come from a diverse network of financial intermediaries, such as finance brokers, Insolvency Practitioners and accountants to name a few, who each play a role in referring businesses with their invoice finance needs.

A factoring adviser can help with the following:

  • How much should factoring cost a business
  • Explain exactly how factoring works
  • Explain the full benefits of factoring and, of course, the disadvantages.
  • Explain which type of businesses should consider factoring
  • Actually setting up a factoring agreement.
  • A factoring adviser will locate the best factoring service to suit a businesses circumstances
  • What are the service levels of the factoring companies?
  • What are all the fees of the factoring companies?
  • What is the location of the factoring companies?
  • Factoring companies should be willing to let you talk to some of their customers. Please ask for references.
  • The general reputation of the factoring companies is very important.
  • Does the factoring companies you are considering have a good record in collecting debts quickly and efficiently?
  • How exactly does the list of the factoring companies you are considering operate?
  • What are the procedures in detail and do they suit you?
  • How does the factor handle disputes and queries?
  • As the factor will become an ‘insider’ and be in frequent contact with you and your staff, do you see eye to eye on issues that are key to your business?
  • Will you get on with the factoring company?
  • Does the factor have experience of your industry?
  • How is the factor likely to communicate with your customers?
  • You must make sure that the factoring company will not upset your customers and lose your business?
  • What will happen if a customer goes over the credit limit?
  • What happens if you want to end the factoring agreement?
  • What period of notice must you give the factoring company?

The factoring helpline factoring advice service has a wealth of experience in asset finance, factoring and invoice discounting sales. Businesses considering factoring can either apply online or call 0800 597 4757

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