UK Factoring Consultants

UK Factoring Consultants

In the UK there are various factoring consultants that provide ‘expert’ or prescriptive approach at to business cash flow problems. A factoring consultant takes the role of an expert, and provides expert advice or assistance to the business and will then make recommendations as to which factoring company to instruct.

A factoring consultant will be able to provide advice on the current state of the factoring industry

  • Factoring has grown quickly, with growth rates of the factoring industry rising every year
  • As a business service, factoring remains highly cyclical and linked to overall economic conditions.

Currently, there are 3 main types of factoring firms:

  • Large, diversified organizations that offer a range of services, these are made up of high street banks
  • Medium-sized factoring consultancies, that blend boutique style with some of the same services and technologies bigger players offer their clients
  • Boutique firms of factoring consultants which have focused areas of factoring expertise in specific industries, functional areas or technologies. Some focus on entirely new concepts which may emulate by larger players in the factoring industry.

What can a factoring consultant’s advice do for a business seeking a factoring facility

  • There are such a wide and diverse number of factoring companies in the UK that factoring consultants can seek the right funder for you and your business
  • Factoring consultants can assess your business and choose the best factoring company to use.
  • Explain all the factoring terms and factoring jargon used within the factoring sector
  • Explain all the disadvantages and catches that factoring firms forget to tell.
  • A factoring consultant will tell a business owner what questions they need to ask
  • Our factoring consultants will make sure business get the highest advances possible
  • If your business trades with international customers they will explain which factoring firms are best set up to deal with your overseas debtors
  • Most importantly our factoring consultants will make sure business owners don’t sign personal guarantees, when they often don’t need to.
  • A factoring broker will fully explain the difference between factoring and invoice discounting are

The UK isn’t a big multinational firm. We’re a small team of expert business strategy and factoring consultants. We operate a friendly, professional service with a ‘get things done’ attitude. Years of experience make our business cashlow problem solving exceptional. Call 0800 597 4757 or apply online.

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