What can a factoring company do for your business?

What can a factoring company do for your business?

Using a factoring company is a great way for any business to remedy cash flow issues quickly. Many companies offer guarantees of funding in as little as 24 hours time.Factoringhelpline.co.uk can teach you all about invoice factoring, compare quotes instantly online or contact one of our trained cashflow experts on 0800 597 4757

Most businesses run on a tight budget so a factoring company can ease cashflow. A businesses cashflow is the important factor especially if the UK business has a large amount of customers buying products on credit terms of 30-90 days. Unleashing tied up cashflow is there fore the main thing that a factoring company can do for any business in the UK.

What is a factoring company?

A factoring company is a third party that buys unpaid business credit invoices which remain unpaid after making a sale. A good business factoring company will pay up 90% of the invoice value.

Advantages of using a factoring company for a business

  • A factoring company drastically improves business cash flow
  • A factoring company offers businesses a flexible finance facility without the need to apply for credit in the form of a loan or overdraft.
  • A factoring company also frees a business from the debt collection process.
  • A factoring company operates the collection process in house, reducing the staff costs for the business.
  • A factoring company can give a business enough confidence to take large orders from your customers.
  • A factoring company takes care of the entire credit function presenting a professional face to your customers and improves your cash flow
  • A factoring company will essentially turn businesses outstanding invoices into cash.

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