What is Domestic Factoring?

What is Domestic Factoring?

Domestic factoring is a specialised financial service for businesses in the UK that is aimed at improving a businesses cash flow by providing finance against invoices to customers who take up to 120 days to pay. Domestic factoring companies usually advance payments up to 90% of the amount of assigned invoices within 24 hours.

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What is the advantage of domestic factoring?

  • Domestic factoring means businesses can access immediate cash up to 90% of the value of approved invoices without having to wait.
  • Domestic factoring providers make payment to businesses within 24 hours of receipt of the invoices.
  • Domestic factoring companies can carry the collection responsibility for assigned invoices.
  • Domestic factoring arrangements provide protection against customer insolvency or bankruptcy.
  • Domestic factoring companies can provide businesses with a weekly or monthly analysis of sales and payable invoices
  • Domestic factoring companies can provide businesses with reports on customer payments.
  • Domestic factoring companies can provide businesses with flexible financing
  • Domestic factoring is based on a businesses level of sales so the factoring arrangement can grow as your sales increase.

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