Which businesses are suitable for factoring?

Which businesses are suitable for factoring?

Factoring should be considered as an option for a small business that is experiencing cashflow problems but has a good core business. In this case, factoring can help you get through these periods without incurring additional debt and without negatively impacting your credit rating. By factoring their accounts receivable, UK business can have the cashflow to grow and stay profitable.

  • Does your business sell on credit?
  • Do your customers pay invoices slowly?
  • Does you business raise invoices?
  • Does your business lack cashflow?
  • Do you need to raise cash to fund a Management Buy Out (MB0)?
  • Do you need to raise cash to fund a Management In Out (MBI)?

Any business that invoices customers for payment can use factoring services. It is an excellent source of business finance for many firms in the business to business sector in the UK.

  • Recruitment agencies
  • Security guard services
  • Transport companies
  • Garment companies
  • Textile businesses
  • Exhibition firm
  • Engineering firm.
  • Refrigeration business
  • Construction firm.
  • Alcohol sector.
  • Conference Sector
  • Accountants
  • Mining businesses.
  • Business that cannot get a loan

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