Why do you need a Factoring Consultant?

Why do you need a Factoring Consultant?

There are over 50 factoring and invoice discounting companies in the UK and so choosing the best factoring option can be a minefield. The factoring consultants at factoringhelpline.co.uk have over 50 years combined experience in the field of factoring

The factoring helpline work with consultants specialising in credit management and factoring with many years experience working with independent consultants. A factoring consultant can discuss all the financial needs of a particular business and give an opinion on what are the best options available and how to achieve a sustainable cash flow.

Areas where a factoring consultant can be useful:-

  • A factoring consultant can negotiate factoring fees – Factoring companies can blind you with information and you need to watch out for minimum factoring charges.
  • A factoring consultant can advice on what levels of advance to expect – Not all business need 90% upfront on invoices and many factoring firms will try to get the advance as low as 60%. A good factoring consultant can get the best deal available.
  • Fee negotiations – Many factoring firms charge a variety of service charges, audit charges, re-factoring and bank charges and also annual fees. Factoring companies often try to get clients to sign up to long contracts. An experienced factoring consultant will make sure that you get best advice.
  • Too much reliance on one customer – In the UK many factoring companies like to see lots of invoices going out to several customers. Some factoring firms do not like to see 80% of business coming from one customer. A factoring consultant retained by a new business will be of great help in this instance.
  • Are you selling to overseas customers – Some factoring firms do not like factoring invoices from business that sell to overseas customers. A factoring consultant can be of special help here to choose in international factoring company.

Advantages of using a factoring consultant

  • A factoring consultant can be very useful
  • There are several financial factoring services in the UK
  • An efficient factoring consultant service will represents its clients to all the large factoring companies in the UK
  • A factoring consultant can help you and your business by proving best advice on business cash flow options
  • A factoring consultant service specialise in getting the cash for business that they need to operate on a day to day
  • A factoring consultant can help when all other options have been exhausted.
  • A factoring consultant can find explore market.
  • You get the best information available in the particular field of factoring from a factoring consultant

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