Media Companies

Media Companies

In the UK there are many types of business operating in the media industry. The development of new technology has ensured that this has been a growing industry.Businesses in the media sector are throughout the UK, but the majorities are found in London and the South East, with just over half of the media sector businesses trading in these areas.

Factoring is a flexible form of finance available to the media sector, which advances money to a media company as it issues new invoices. It is a widely used financial product in the media sector that can keep a media business trading and allow it to compete with larger and more established media businesses.

The has worked with many businesses in the media sector such as the following:-

  • Animation firms
  • Computer games companies
  • Film production businesses
  • Interactive media firms
  • Radio stations
  • Broadcast television businesses
  • Film making companies
  • Documentary film making entities
  • Commercial making firms
  • Corporate production companies
  • Facilities houses for film production
  • Interactive media houses
  • Gaming and game design firms
  • Media advertising businesses

Factoring and invoice finance in the Advertising or Media sectors

If your media business generates sales invoice on credit terms to other businesses then factoring can certainly be considered

Factoring is a very simple facility that can provide businesses in the media field with predictable cash flow. Factoring in the media sector provides control over cash flow that ultimately means into greater production, sales and profitability for the media sector.

If you are a media business owner and are having issues meeting payroll or paying bills, have you ever thought about invoice factoring for your company? Call 0800 597 4757 for a detailed assessment of your businesses cash flow needs.

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