Publishing Companies

Publishing Companies

The publishing sector as a whole is the largest creative industry in the UK. It has a combined turnover of at least £20 billion, with 8,500-plus companies directly employing around 167,000 people. At the heart of the sector lies a diverse range of companies that combine creativity, innovation and application with constantly evolving methods of production and distribution. In its quality, diversity and reach, UK publishing leads the world.

The publishing sector is made up of the following:

  • Book publishing
  • Directories publishing
  • Databases publishing
  • Journals publishing
  • Magazines publishing
  • Business Media publishing
  • Newspapers publishing
  • News Agency publishing

Cashflow and the publishing industry

  • Despite the background of a challenging business environment cashlow within the publishing industry remain a top priority.
  • The future of the publishing industry appears strong. New forms of content are appearing and evolving the need to deliver content in whatever form and via whatever channel the customer wants.

Factoring and invoice discounting in the publishing sector

In the last 10 years the has helped several businesses in the publishing sector remain in business by introducing them to the concept of factoring.

  • By a publishing business using a factoring company it actually gets to outsource the whole accounts receivable department.
  • A publishing business with factoring facility will be able to frees up unpaid accounts receivables or invoices allowing more cash for day to day use.
  • Its very easy to apply for accounts receivable factoring in the publishing sector because there are no credit checks.
  • For a publishing business to qualify for an accounts receivable factoring facility no detailed business plans are needed

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