The advantages of using an independent invoice discounting broker

The advantages of using an independent invoice discounting broker

Invoice discounting is popular form of invoice finance where a business has an borrowing facility with a lender enabling it to draw money against approved credit invoices. Under an invoice discounting arrangement a business retains control over the administration of your sales ledger. Invoice discounting can provide a cost-effective way for businesses to improve their cashflow.

Trying to find the invoice discounting facility for a business needs, industry and budget can be a difficult and often frustrating task. The wide selection of invoice discounting, factoring and invoice finance products available in the UK mean that business can enjoy incredible choice, and this choice increases the chances of getting an invoice discounting arrangement can enable a business to grow and compete with large and more established businesses.

Using an invoice discounting broker is an effective way of getting an invoice discounting facility to suit your businesses needs without having to commit hours of your time to searching and browsing. The advantages of using an independent invoice discounting broker are:-

  • Reduce the time that it can take to choose the right invoice discounting form.
  • Avoid spending hours glued to the computer and reading proposals from several invoice discounting firms.
  • Avoid business owners ringing around various invoice discounting firms because that is something that most of us can well do without as it can get in the way of normal business.
  • Avoid having to complete a new application for each invoice discounting firm
  • Additional time will be taken up with browsing and comparing all the different deals with each invoice discounting firm.
  • Avoid spending time comparing the invoice discounting firm against another.
  • As most invoice discounting brokers get paid a commission by the invoice discounting company the service won’t cost you anything.
  • An invoice discounting broker will put forward the invoice discounting firms that offer the best value in terms of interest rates and monthly repayments
  • Invoice discounting brokers have established links, contacts, and relationships with a wide range of invoice finance providers.
  • An experienced invoice discounting broker will know which invoice discounting firms offer invoice discounting facilities to phoenix, pre-pack administration companies and start-ups.
  • An invoice discounting broker will avoid time spent dealing with unsuitable invoice finance providers
  • An invoice discounting broker will find a facility that is tailored to meet your businesses needs and circumstances.

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