Invoice finance for large businesses

Regardless of whether you currently factor or discount your sales ledger, we’re available to help you find the right facility for your business.

Let us do the leg work for you, email or call one of our friendly team or, if you simply want an idea of costs visit get quotes any time.

Additional headroom can often be made available by considering asset based lending, where money is advanced against a mixture of business assets, including debtors, stock, plant and machinery, land and buildings. This can be extremely important when raising cash for mergers, acquisitions, MBO’s, and MBI’s. Cash flow loans are also often available to make a transaction work.

We know what the factors and discounters are looking for, what they consider problems, and who to approach to overcome them. Often we use the strength of our relationship with them to influence the quality of the offer made.

And there’s no charge for our service as we receive an introductory commission from the successful factor or discounter.

Our tailored approach

We’re committed to take the widest possible view of your situation and formulate the most appropriate solution for you. In doing so, we draw upon our specialist knowledge and wider financial experience as well as a network of other independent advisers covering all areas of corporate finance.

As you can see from our case studies we help businesses secure facilities quickly and, when required, give our clients direct access to decision makers from the outset.

Large businesses: case studies

General Printer

Encountered difficulties when the directors became involved in publishing, further losses followed the mismanagement of a large fixed price contract and, by the time we were introduced, preferential arrears had reached £382k.

With severe Inland Revenue and paper supplier pressure, and the bank refusing to increase their overdraft, we were challenged with sourcing a facility in the knowledge that at least 4 factors had already declined.

Recognising the breadth of the problems, we decided to present the case to an institution capable of taking a wider view of security. This included equity in printing machinery and a freehold property.

Within a week of us submitting our report and information pack, a factor agreed to provide £900k against a 75% prepayment, subject to the overdraft and mortgage being cleared, and repayment structure being agreed with the preferential creditors. No personal guarantees were required. With a debenture registered by the factor to encompass the wider security, cash was made available 17 days after our introduction. TOP

Software Developer

This company had developed a unique software product that copies all emails in and out of an organisation and is able to hold them in the same way as a Blackbox recorder. When approaching us they already had a large number of purchase orders in the pipeline from various professionals including pharmaceutical companies, law firms and shipping brokers. They were forecasting turnover in year one of £6m from a standing start.

A confidential invoice discounting facility was obtained for the client.

Labour Provider

A labour and plant hire business serving the railway industries. They were seeking a confidential facility, however, there was some history; two disqualified directors, Inland Revenue and VAT arrears although payable under a schedule, and CCJs registered but mostly cleared. The business was CIS registered, forecasting turnover of £12.5m.

Despite this backdrop an invoice discounting facility was duly secured for the client.