Business Finance

An introduction to Business Finance

Business Finance

Finding the right business finance is about identifying he exact needs of a business at its particular stage of growth, and tying a business plan in with an appropriate type of investment. Some businesses need more cashflow, especially in today’s tough economic times. Others require a large single investment, even if it has to be exchanged in return for a share in the business.

Business Finance Options:

  • Bank Loans
  • Invoice Finance
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Leasing
  • Angel Finance
  • Venture Capital
  • PLUS Market
  • Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
  • Alternative Public Offering (APO)

Our Business Finance Network

  • Accountants
  • Legal Advisers
  • Corporate Finance Advisers
  • Growth Coaches
  • Financial PR Advisers
  • Nominated Advisers (NOMAD)

In business the right finance is key to delivering high growth and backing innovation, but securing it can be a challenge.

Our teams of advisers are specialists in advising with small and medium businesses on business finance, to help business owners get a better understanding of:

  • Assessing your specific funding needs
  • Where and how to get the right advice
  • Various funding options
  • Pitching to and dealing with investors
  • Advice on preparing for business finance
  • Advice on business finance options
  • Advice on getting the most out of business finance source
  • Advice on accessing government resources to encourage innovation and growth.
  • Advice on accessing to funding support from the private sector.

Whatever the businesses requirements, business owners should aware of their options and what’s available. If a business is viable, there’s probably a business finance package that will meet its needs. Our advice team will helps business owners decide on how much business finance is required, the most appropriate type of funding and how to secure it.

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