Invoice Discounting

Introduction to Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is type of Asset Based Lending. Invoice discounting is a cost-effective, cheap and efficient way for businesses to improve their cashflow.

Invoice discounting is a popular method of raising money against your invoices quickly. Invoice discounting is an attractive option for business because it allows the business to retains control over the administration of its sales ledger.

Key Points of Invoice Discounting

  • Invoice discounting provides funding against invoices
  • Invoice discounting can either be with or without bad debt protection
  • Invoice discounting provides efficient management information
  • Invoice discounting can be disclosed or undisclosed
  • Invoice discounting is ideally suited towards business with an existing collections process in place
  • The aim of invoice discounting to improve cashflow
  • Invoice discounting can provide a flexible financial solution that can help a business grow reducing the worry of insolvency or business failure.

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