The benefits of using factoring solutions

The benefits of using factoring solutions

The benefit of factoring as a solution to cash flow is it is a good way to fund working capital requirements.

  • Factoring reduces working capital requirements. This is a major benefit.
  • Factoring allows immediate realisation of debtors.
  • Factoring shortens the cash cycle.
  • Factoring can reduce costs of employing sales ledger staff.
  • Factoring firms are generally better at getting customers to pay.
  • In the UK factoring firms are efficient in assessing a new customers’ credit worthiness.

The disadvantages of using factoring solutions

  • If you believe that factoring solutions could be for you then please make sure you understand the benefits as well as the disadvantages of all factoring solutions.
  • Factoring isn’t for every company in the UK because are many business are constrained from using factoring because of the borrower’s business sector, growth issues, and/or historical performance.
  • When thinking about factoring solutions is the amount it will cost so make sure you get several quotes
  • Businesses seeking factoring solutions have many options as there are several factoring firm in the UK

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