UK Distribution Companies

UK Distribution Companies

Using a factoring company is a great way for any business to remedy cash flow issues quickly. Many companies offer guarantees of funding in as little as 24 hours time. can teach you all about invoice factoring, compare quotes instantly online or contact one of our trained cashflow experts on 0800 597 4757.

Product distribution companies are involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user. In the UK product distribution is one of the most important parts of any business.

  • Haulage
  • Road transport
  • Trucking
  • Agricultural
  • Commodity distrubution
  • Cargo
  • Liquid logistics
  • Logistics
  • Shipping

Factoring for Haulage, Trucking and UK distribution companies

  • In the UK is it common place for businesses in the distribution business not to immediately get paid for services and products
  • Businesses operating in the haulage, trucking and distribution sector generally don’t get paid until after 30, 60 or 90 days of issuing invoices
  • Factoring solves this problem by advancing up to 90% against the haulage of distribution companies invoices
  • Factoring look at the creditworthiness of the distribution or haulage businesses client’s customers
  • Factoring can fund a haulage or distribution business within as little as 24-48 hours
  • When it comes to factoring a haulage or distribution company there are no requirements when it comes to the amount of sales volume

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