National Irish Bank

National Irish Bank

At National Irish Bank we understand the importance of discretion. Confidential Invoice Discounting is a dynamic way of maximising the cash available to grow your business by releasing the value of your sales invoices.

How it works

You retain all customer contact and simply lodge all customer payments with National Irish Bank. Just report the sales totals through the online Tele-ledger system, which instantly updates the funds available. Then draw as little or as much as you need through the Tele-ledger system.

Cash flow should be a critical consideration in any business – whether it is sustaining existing operations or funding potential growth.

Invoice Finance can help unlock your business potential. It is a package of services designed to optimise your working capital. Since it is geared to current trading levels, it provides you with an immediate and expanding source of funds.

Invoice Finance can provide up to 85% of the value of your sales invoices as soon as they are issued. This means invoices can be turned into cash on the same day. After the payments have been collected and lodged with us, the balance of the funds is released.

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