As an established business what do you want to do to improve your business?

  • Become more profitable
  • Expand
  • Upgrade plant and machinery
  • Employ extra staff to seek out and fulfil new orders
  • Increase sales and marketing efforts
  • Develop new products
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts by paying early

Probably any or all of these

These all rely upon having a good positive flow of cash. This is where Factoring can help in releasing funds locked up in outstanding sales invoices

We can help

We are a specialist invoice factoring broker specialising in all forms of invoice factoring and invoice discounting to UK businesses. The factoring facility we provide grows in line with your sales, allowing you to concentrate further on growing your business.

How does factoring work?

You will receive advances of funds against your outstanding sales invoices. You inform us electronically or by post that you have issued an invoice and our factoring service will provide up to 90% of the value of your invoices and can usually be paid out within 24 hours of raising them. The remaining debt is forwarded to you once the debt is settled, less any finance charges.

A key benefit of factoring is its ability to provide credit management releasing valuable time for your business. The factoring provider will agree procedures with you and send statements and reminders to your customers of outstanding debts. Beyond this, you at all times remain in control of your customer relationships.

What Next

Get a no obligation instant quote online from us. We will then arrange for Customer Manager to call you and create the best possible deal for you and answer any questions.