We’re sure you’d like to undertake a thorough review of what’s on offer, but with over 50 factors in the market this would take up a lot of your valuable time and money.

Let us do the leg work for you, email or call one of our friendly team for a chat or if you simply want an idea of costs of a facility for your business.

We know what the factors and discounters are looking for, what they consider problems, and who to approach to overcome them. Often we use the strength of our relationship with them to influence the quality of the offer made.

And there’s no charge for our service as we receive an introductory commission from the successful factor or discounter.

Our tailored approach

Whilst factoring is more likely to be suited to your needs we’re committed to take the widest possible view of your situation and formulate the most appropriate solution for you. In doing so, we draw upon our specialist knowledge and wider financial experience as well as a network of other independent advisers covering all areas of corporate finance.

As you can see from our case studies we help businesses secure facilities quickly and when required, giving our clients direct access to decision makers from the outset.

Start ups and young businesses: case studies

Self-employed Lorry Driver

This self-employed driver worked for one haulage company and had achieved turnover of £60k pa. Having been turned down by 6 factors, we sourced a cost effective facility within 3 working days.

Electrical & Mechanical Contractors

Established to undertake contracts for large end users and main contractors, we were approached a few weeks after trading commenced, with the directors unable to finance planned growth. We helped them secure a specialist factoring facility incorporating credit insurance, as a consequence of which their first year turnover grew to exceed £2m.

Plant Hire

Having experienced ongoing problems with its general office administration and managing cash flow, we helped the directors of this plant hire business secure a suitable factoring facility. This provided much needed discipline to collection routines as well as a more flexible finance to help the business grow.

Importer and exporter of souvenirs

A new start business, forecasting £350k, selling souvenir goods into large retail chains. With small profit margins it was important to insure the debt to protect future profitability.

A factoring facility was secured for the client with in-built credit insurance.

Flooring supplier

Supplier and installer of rubber floors for childrens’ playgrounds. Projecting £150k on account terms they had been declined factoring by their bankers because they held a CIS certificate. The client was on a very tight timescale as they were due to leave the country in two working days time for an extended break.

We introduced them to the MD of a factor who met with them the day after, and completed the transaction in time for them to leave for their travels.


£500k engineering company producing stainless steel wire and also fabrication services. 70% of the customer base were overseas. One of the German customers could reach 75% of the sales ledger. Therefore they needed a factor with a flexible approach to highly concentrated, export sales ledgers.

Two other factors had already quoted, but we were able to present a much stronger overall package which addressed their funding requirements more competitively.