Keeping the cash flowing is the most important part of any business, even more so in a recovering economy. After all, accessing the money you’re owed allows you to grab new opportunities, bring plans to life, buy new equipment, pay staff wages and negotiate the best terms with our suppliers.

Unfortunately, maintaining a regular flow of cash is often easier said than done. Especially if late payments are holding you back. Its estimated that late payments are costing UK businesses as much as 1.9 billion a year.If your business is selling its products or services to other businesses n credit terms, invoice finance, often known as factoring and invoice discounting, could help. It’s a form of funding that releases cash tied up in business’s outstanding sales invoices.

Over 40,000 businesses across the UK use invoice finance to support them at various stages in their business life cycle. More and more businesses across the UK are using this form of finance – particularly at a time when more traditional financial institutions have been turning down funding requests.