Whether you’re new to factoring and invoice discounting or simply want to move from an existing provider we can help.

Let us do the leg work for you, email or call one of our friendly team or, if you simply want an idea of costs visit get quotes any time.

We know what the factors and discounters are looking for, what they consider problems, and who to approach to overcome them. Often we use the strength of our relationship with them to influence the quality of the offer made.

And there’s no charge for our service as we receive an introductory commission from the successful factor or discounter.

Our tailored approach

We’re committed to take the widest possible view of your situation and formulate the most appropriate solution for you. In doing so, we draw upon our specialist knowledge and wider financial experience as well as a network of other independent advisers covering all areas of corporate finance.

As you can see from our case studies we help businesses secure facilities quickly and, when required, give our clients direct access to decision makers from the outset.

medium-sized businesses: case studies

Steel Fabricator

Suppliers of steel products, and on-site labour to blue chip companies. With sales expected to treble over the coming year and the bank refusing overdrafts, the director had turned to a factor for a solution 2 weeks earlier.

By the time we were introduced, he was still awaiting an offer and needed to pay his staff within 2 days. We arranged for a director of a local factor to visit the following morning. Recognising the urgency, he completed the paperwork during the first meeting and returned later that afternoon with the cash required to pay the staff.

In total, it took 23 hours from our introduction to our client receiving the money.

Mobile Phone Accessories

A well-established business dealing in branded cellular phone accessories. They traded globally using common suppliers and customers, taking advantage of bulk product opportunities on cash on delivery terms. These transactions were largely funded using a trade finance facility but, they were looking for a facility to enable them to offer credit terms to independent UK retailers with sales forecasted to reach £1.8 million.

The business now has a factoring facility to enable it to offer credit terms and meet its challenging sales forecasts.

Council Maintenance

A business, projecting £3m sales, providing house maintenance to County Councils and Housing Associations, initially declined by their banks’ factor because they held a CIS certificate. Additionally there was a large percentage outstanding with one customer, which many factors are not keen on, even though this was a council.

Factoring was made available to the client, dramatically improving their cash flow, replacing a small overdraft facility; repaid from the first factoring money.