The UK Factoring Helpline provides independent factoring advice in all types of factoring and invoice factoring. The service has helped over 20,000 businesses across the UK find a factoring solution.


  • Free advice on how to factor invoices
  • Unbiased advice from entrepreneurs and banking professional
  • Advice available nationwide throughout the UK
  • Advice and support on all factoring and invoice discounting solutions.
  • Help at hand 24 hours a day if you need help or advice though a difficult time.
  • Sound and sensible factoring advice.
  • We are completely independent and our advice is free of charge without any obligation whatsoever so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why choose factoring?

  • Factoring and invoice discounting means businesses can get cash fast and no longer have to wait up to 90-120 days for invoices to be paid.
  • Factoring allows businesses to receive up to 85% of the invoice values within 24 hours of raising an invoice.
  • Factoring is better than an overdraft or loan because you can factor more as sales grow.
  • There are large cost saving to be made with factoring
  • There is a wide choice of factoring companies in the UK so everyone can be helped.

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