Common questions asked by some customers on factoring?

“Isn’t Invoice Finance Expensive?”  “Will it upset my customers?”
  • The cost of borrowing compares with an overdraft and may be cheaper.
  •  Invoice finance companies act as collection agents for businesses for all sizes. It will be unusual if your customers does not already pay several invoice finance companies already.
  • A typical service charge is in the range of 0.25% – 3% of T/O and is calculated on an individual basis.
  • A specific Client Manager and Client Administrator will be assigned to each client to understand your ledger and customers.
  • It is more than just finance, it offers growing businesses a range of benefits that are not matched by other forms of finance.
  • The debt turn of our clients is significantly better than the UK average.
  • It fuels the sales of businesses large and small.
  • 40,000 businesses use Invoice Finance including many well-known Companies.
  • It can be cheaper than employing a credit controller.
  • For suitable businesses a funder may offer a confidential facility.