Factoring advice for increasing cashflow

Factoring advice for increasing cashflow

If you run a business and are tired of waiting for customers to pay then please consider a factoring facility. Contact the UK factoring helpline for help with business cashflow, factoring, invoice discounting & business cashflow advice on 0800 597 4757

We are specialists in business factoring advice, helping businesses across the country to raise funds and improve their cash flow position.

The most important aspect of running a business is handling its cash flow requirements. You can have the greatest business but if customers are not paying their invoices quick enough then a business will not be able to achieve the cash flow needed to grow it and compete with other businesses.

  • Factoring offers a business flexible way of improving cash flow because it speeds up the business cash flow cycle.
  • Factoring releasing money tied up in outstanding invoices that can often take up to 90 days to collect.
  • Factoring takes away the time-consuming task of chasing and collecting payments because a value added extra of cashflow factoring facility is an outsourced collections department.
  • The constant cash flow can provide cashflow to enable a business to compete with an established of larger business on price.
  • A factoring facility can release the cashflow tied up in invoices to pay for working capital expenses.
  • A business with a factoring facility has the confidence not to overtrade due to a steady rate of cashflow coming in and out the business.
  • A factoring facility provides the a business with improved cashflow management abilities and at the same time can reduce staff costs on employees managing cashflow.

Factoring is a finance method used by thousands of business owner in the UK to help with cashflow related problems. The UK factoring helpline is specialist business cashflow and factoring broker in the UK who will find the right solution for your business cash flow problems. Call 0800 597 4757 for an assessment on whether factoring can improve your business cash flow issues.

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