Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring is one of the UKs leading services that will find and match a provider of invoice finance for businesses with annual sales of up to £10 million pounds.

Please note that all the invoice finance providers make fast decisions, accept partial or whole turnover and credit control can be built in as part of the package.

There are various methods of Invoice finance such as:

  • Debt factoring
  • Invoice factoring
  • Invoice discounting
  • Asset based lending

Invoice Factoring is also known as ‘debt factoring’. Debt factoring involves a business selling its invoices to a third party. In return the factor will process the invoices and allow a business to draw funds against the money owed to your business. Invoice factoring provide an all one finance, debt collection and ledger management service.

Many businesses use invoice factoring to improve cashflow. Invoice factoring can also be used to reduce administration overheads.

Invoice factoring is efficient method way of drawing money against invoices. The good point about invoice factoring is that the business retains control over the administration of its sales ledger. Invoice factoring companies also offers valuable support services and credit insurance.

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