Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

We have the solution that can save your company, relieve you from your overheads, employees and other costs, and help you to rebuild your profits, without you seeing all of your hard work destroyed and enduring the pain of going bust.

There is a viable solution for your problem and you may off just found it….

A Company Voluntary Arrangement (or CVA) is best suited to companies which are profitable, or which have the potential to be profitable in the future but which have serious cash-flow issues. The existing company continues but is given protection from its creditors.

The creditors agree to accept a dividend (normaly between 40p and 100p in the £) over the course of the next 5 years. Creditors are normally agreeable to this as research suggests that they tend to receive a higher dividend via a CVA than they would have if you ceased trading and put the company into Liquidation.

We will always help you prepare a financial proposal so that what you present to your creditors appears in the most commercially attractive format. Thereafter we will introduce you to an insolvency practitioner who is commercially aware and best suited to your industry. Throughout the process we will be available 7 days a week from 9.00am to 22.00pm to address any difficulties or questions you may have.

Advantages of a CVA for The Company

  • Once a CVA is in place, it provides the company with ‘time and breathing space’ to restructure & reorganise the company without the threat of creditors chasing for payments or threatening legal action.
  • The costs of a CVA are significantly less than what company’s anticipate and considerably lower than what a company would expected to incur via going into Administration.
  • There is no requirement to advertise either on letterhead or in newspapers that a company is subject to a CVA.