There are many benefits in using Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance; some of the most important ones are listed below.

  • Invoice factoring
  • Invoice discounting
  • Recruitment finance

Exceptionally good service

  • You will have just one point of contact, UK based.
  • Their Client Managers look after fewer clients than other invoice finance providers. This allows them the time to fully understand each client’s business.
  • A quarter of new business is from existing client recommendations.
  • They also look after a businesses customers to the same high standard.

Try before you commit

  • You are free to leave at any point during the 6 month period with no exit fees charged.
  • 99% of their clients choose to stay after the trial.

Speed and availability of money

You don’t need to worry that their lending will stop or dry out. They have excellent access to funds due to their relationship with their parent company; Hitachi Ltd. They work hard to get funds in client’s accounts without delay and can agree increases in funding lines immediately.

Their price promise

Our rates are genuinely very competitive – we don’t have big bank salaries and bonuses to pay so can afford to pass these savings on to our clients. If you are still undecided, their price promise means that you could save 10% on your service fee.

Contact Information

Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance
5 Hollinswood Court
Stafford Park 1