Business Factoring Overview: This section is intended as a technical guide for businesses of all size and industry sector that want to understand the precise details of how invoice factoring works in the UK.

As high street banks turn more businesses away for overdraft and loans, business owners are considering alternative forms of finance, namely invoice factoring.A brief overview of the financial advantages of factoring

  • Simple and Fast method to release cash from invoices without the need to wait up to 120 days.
  • A business can drastically improve Cash Flow
  • A businesses credit Rating is not taken into consideration
  • Cash is constantly coming into the business
  • Factoring Provides credit checking of customers
  • Factoring Provides Early Detection of Customer insolvency issues
  • Factoring allows that Invoices get paid within 24 hours
  • Factoring can help a businesses grow
  • Factoring reduces bad debts as invoices get paid quickly
  • Factoring allows a business owners the ability to meet increasing sales contracts and orders without the fear of overtrading
  • Factoring also offers the businesses ability to stop being held at ransom to large companies who are keen to late payments.

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A brief overview of the financial consequences of factoring.

  • Factoring incurs various charges so it will reduce the profits a business using factoring.
  • A business that uses factoring will not have any book debts to show as a balance sheet asset.
  • Some factoring companies are very selective and will not accept invoices from some customers or clients
  • Factoring arrangements are easy to set up but often more complicated to end sue to time taken to collect debts and dealing with any potential shortfalls.
  • Some customers do not like dealing with businesses that use factoring.
  • You have to pay extra to remove your liability for bad debtors.

The above is a brief overview of how factoring can affect a business. For more information please contact a member of the factoring team on 0800 597 4757.