There are many considerations to consider when choosing a service from the many factoring companies in the UK. Some factoring companies are part of the major high street banks whilst others are independent owned. The best recommendation of which factoring company to use is from the

The can work with all the major factoring companies and so know all the considerations to be aware of such as turnover requirements and the services they offer.Key Considerations:

  • What are the service levels of the factoring companies?
  • What are all the fees of the factoring companies?
  • What is the location of the factoring companies?
  • Factoring companies should be willing to let you talk to some of their customers. Please ask for references.
  • The general reputation of the factoring companies is very important.
  • Does the factoring companies you are considering have a good record in collecting debts quickly and efficiently?
  • How exactly does the list of the factoring companies you are considering operate?
  • What are the procedures in detail and do they suit you?
  • How does the factor handle disputes and queries?
  • As the factor will become an ‘insider’ and be in frequent contact with you and your staff, do you see eye to eye on issues that are key to your business?
  • Will you get on with the factoring company?
  • Does the factor have experience of your industry?
  • How is the factor likely to communicate with your customers?
  • You must make sure that the factoring company will not upset your customers and lose your business?
  • What will happen if a customer goes over the credit limit?
  • What happens if you want to end the factoring agreement?
  • What period of notice must you give the factoring company?

The can assist companies to make an informed choice before making a decision on which factoring company to use. Call 0800 597 4757 for advice today on all the considerations when choosing a factoring company.

Please note that the that will negotiate on your behalf and will not charge a fee you because we receive a commission from the factoring company.