Factoring & Invoice Discounting Success Stories. Factoring & Confidential Invoice Discounting unlocks cash tied up in a sales ledgers. Learn how we have helped businesses realise their potential!

Factoring: Start-Up Manpower Agency – £1,000,000 Turnover

Experienced sector managers starting own agency initially wanted Factoring facility. We recommended and sourced combined Factoring and back-office facility. Facility simplified procedures and allowed for secure controlled growth. Agreed Factoring facility with move to Invoice Discounting within 12 months. Costs slashed by 50%.

Confidential Invoice Discounting: Manpower Agency – £7,000,000 Turnover

Invoice Discounting and banking with same banking institution. Bank owned Factoring company imposed a financing limit on the major customer. Customer blue chip status. Agency starved of cash to such an extent cashflow became incredibly unpredictable. Our team sourced a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility backed with non-recourse protection with no funding restriction at a lower cost. Introduction came from the company’s bankers.

Confidential Invoice Discounting: Industrial Machinery – £350,000 Turnover

This business was struggling to find a cost effective way to finance their growth without giving personal collateral to their bank. Introduced via their accountants this business produces a high number of invoices, selling to many small customers with low credit ratings so finding the right provider Factoring or invoice financing company was critical. We introduced an independent factor & discounter that was able to offer a very competitive Confidential Invoice Discounting package tailored to the sector, allowing the business to grow.

Confidential Invoice Discounting: Steel Stockholder – £30,000,000 Turnover

A large well established independent company was providing recourse Confidential Invoice Discounting facility. The client had grown dramatically in recent years and so had the Invoice discounter’s fees. The Client was unhappy with the level of fees and subsequent communication and attitude of the factor, and was buying credit insurance separately. We sourced an alternative invoice discounter keen to do business – we arranged a confidential Invoice Discounting package including bad debt protection, which has simplified administration for the Client and reduced the overall cost.

Factoring: Road Hauler – £400,000 Turnover

Client has few debtors with fluctuating high concentration debtors from month to month. The existing factor’s Factoring facility was restrictive and unable to meet the company’s short-term cash needs. The client’s cashflow had become very unpredictable. We sourced a Factoring package within 3 days that met the clients needs and in addition assisted to negotiate additional head room in transactional facilities at their bank.

Confidential Invoice Discounting: Automotive Engineering – £22,000,000 Turnover

This company had been growing rapidly through a combination of organic growth and acquisition. The aspirations of the directors had met with a huge strain on cashflow but the struggles to merge the companies had yet to see the synergies come together, meaning a lack of profitability. This, and the level of funding required, had led to prospective financiers being extremely reluctant to fund the business. Our recommended funder successfully set up an Confidential Invoice Discounting facility to support the group.

Confidential Invoice Discounting: Haulage – £650,000 Turnover

A call was taken by a very stressed owner of a haulage company on a Thursday. They were struggling to come to terms with not being able to pay staff wages on the Friday believing they had no solution. They feared that with staff not being paid they risked losing staff loyalty and possibly losing staff altogether with further negative ramifications for the business. After a visit from our recommended funder taking place on the same day an Confidential Invoice Discounting facility was set up by the following day with wages successfully being paid.

Factoring: Recruitment – £100,000 Turnover

This sole trader had been trading for 5 years but had run into cashflow difficulties. There were no finance facilities in place for the business but the individual had recent personal finance issues which included being forced to sell their home to pay off some debts. Despite having a high concentration to one customer and no customer sign off a factoring facility was successfully set up to keep the business running and indeed make stronger.

Spot Invoice Discounting: Designing Machine Parts – £750,000 Turnover

Long established partnership that won a large contract for a Trans European printing machine manufacture after they had made the decision to close their own in-house facility. We obtained indicative terms within 24 hours and a facility within 7 days to allow the customers to accept a term contact. We arrange a spot Confidential Invoice Discounting facility allowing the partnership to discount only the invoices required to meet cashflow.

Spot Factoring: Flight Services – £750,000 Turnover

Growing undercapitalised flight Services Company. Had regular customers but increasingly hit with large one off orders requiring increase in temporary labour. Factoring was required to fund the working capital shortfall when paying temporary labour weekly and the customer wanting 75 day terms. We recommend a Spot factoring facility so that only the invoices required to meet immediate working capital needs could be discounted keeping costs down and providing maximum flexibility.

International Invoice Discounting: Scrap Metal – £60,000,000 Turnover

Customer wanted to take advantage on worldwide increase in scrap metal prices by increasing international sales. International Invoice Discounting facility required so that cash could be paid to buy stock while customers taking up to 45 days to pay. Provided facility that would accommodate European and far East sales. Gave the customer a competitive advantage by having better buying power.

Factoring: Hardware Wholesale Distribution – £1,750,000 Turnover

Company well establish servicing diverse customer base. Their bankers where refusing to extend facilities and asked us for assistance. We quickly uncovered that the customer didn’t actually need additional working capital it need to collect in want it had more efficiently. Put in place a factoring facility to outsource credit management. Recommended new collection techniques to bring in cash faster. In 6 months reduced average debtor days from 95 days to 65 days liquidity now not a problem.