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What is a Factoring Broker?

Factoringhelpline.co.uk is a specialised factoring broker that helps UK businesses to find invoice factoring and invoice discounting packages to UK factoring firms.

Factoringhelpline.co.uk can offer factoring clients to the open market or may present them directly to a specified group of factoring companies who work in a specialised field.

Factoringhelpline.co.uk does not purchase invoices itself and but merely acts as an agent to find a factoring company who will.

The role of a factoring broker

The role of the factoringhelpline.co.uk as a factoring broker is the following:

  • A factoring broker is supposed to introduce clients seeking invoice to an appropriate factoring company based on the businesses individual needs.
  • A factoring broker is supposed to be impartial
  • A factoring broker is supposed to independent
  • A factoring broker should scan the entire factoring market for an suitable lender
  • A factoring broker should know all of the factoring companies particular niches or strengths and weaknesses
  • A factoring broker should ideally be free to use as they get paid a commission by the factoring company.

What a factoring broker should tell you.

There are many factoring companies in the UK and they vary in size. So generally speaking, larger factoring firms are more inclined towards dealing with larger businesses than smaller ones. Even if they are willing to take on a smaller client, their structures and systems can make working with them a slow, complicated and frustrating process. Indeed from what clients tell us, they sometimes wonder if their factoring company has any idea at all of the pressures and issues that face smaller businesses on a daily basis.

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