Taking out an accounts receivable factoring facility can be the difference between a business surviving and failing because factoring can release cash immediately with and change a businesses fortunes. Call 0800 597 4757 or apply on line to release cash immediately.

In the UK owners of businesses of all sizes often find themselves in immediate need of cash to pay for business expenses. With accounts receivable factoring agreement a business can immediately release up to 95% of the money locked up in unpaid invoices.

Receivable factoring agreements are attractive because there is no applying for loans or overdrafts instead get cash immediately within 24 hours of submitting an invoice.

The conditions of a receivables factoring company

Before a business can release cash immediately with receivable factoring the following criteria must be satisfied by the factoring company:-

  • Cash will only be released on an invoice where the underlying goods or services have been fully performed and accepted by the customer.
  • The customer who has been given an invoice must be creditworthy
  • The customer must be from an industry where invoice have a reputation for being dispute free.
  • The invoice sent to a customer must be verified.
  • The business looking to release cash immediately from factoring must instruct the customer to pay the factoring company direct.

Nearly every business has been in a situation at one time or another where they need cash immediately, but with an receivable factoring facility this is possible. Call 0800 597 4757 for cash flow advice and solutions today.