Invoice Discounting For Exporters – Selling On Open Account Terms

Are you Exporting goods abroad? Don’t let your cash flow hold you back. With Export Invoice Discounting you can unlock cash from your export invoices the next working day, giving you the working capital you need to export with complete confidence on open account and best of all its completely confidential.

International Invoice Discounting helps you to obtain up to 100% of the working capital

As the worldwide economy is becoming ever more competitive, companies are finding that they must be more flexible with customers to maintain and grow sales. Being able to offer international customers better financing terms is now an important part of any sales strategy. Since payment from companies in other countries involves elements of uncertainty that are unlike those faced with domestic companies, credit risk and terms becomes more of an obstacle. Selling on open account terms is sometimes best from an sales & marketing perspective, however it is laden with danger. You may not be able to establish or appreciate the customer’s financial circumstances and the economic situation of the country in which the customer is located. Foreign exchange challenges may also materialize, as customers prefer to trade in local currencies. There is an attractive alternative International Invoice Discounting.

Most International Invoice Discounting Is Carried Out Through A Network Of Invoice Discounting Invoice Discounting – Increasingly Important Role In International Trade

International Invoice Discounting helps you to obtain up to 100% of the working capital you need from your export sales invoices without waiting for overseas customers to pay. International Invoice Discounting is taking on an increasingly important role in international trade, as more and more buyers demand open account terms rather than old fashioned Letters of C redit. The recent worldwide financial crisis has brought about more consciousness about International Invoice Discounting and the product’s ability to finance and mitigate bad debt and exchange risks for domestic and international trade while always improving cash flows.

Benefits Of International Confidential Invoice Discounting

  • Improved cash flow on overseas sales
  • Direct collections and credit cover throughout Europe and the world
  • A single arrangement covering all of your overseas sales
  • Flexibility of dealing with your customer on open account terms
  • Increased sales in foreign markets by offering competitive terms of sale
  • Protection against credit losses on foreign customers
  • Accelerated cash flow through faster collections
  • Lower costs than the aggregate charges for L/C transactions
  • Liquidity to boost working capital
  • Enhanced borrowing potential and an opportunity to make use of supplier discounts

Credit Protection – Safeguards Against Late Payment And Bad Debts

You know that cash flow and credit risks can become a real concern in particular with new customers. The ability to access up to date financial information about you customers and markets is vital. International Invoice Discounting is a flexible, cost effective alternative to trade credit insurance cover that safeguards against late payment and bad debts, giving you confidence to accept new orders. With an International Invoice Discounting facility customers can be pre-approved for credit. If the customer fails to pay within due date for the reason of buyer’s financial inability the debt will be paid by the International Invoice Discounting company.

Credit protection is an optional service that sits alongside of the financing and provides total piece of mind for exporters.

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