You need to be able to make an informed choice, so it is worth approaching more than one Confidential Invoice Discounting Company before making a decision. Our specialist team can help you to realise this asset and turn it into an immediate cash sum.

Confidential Invoice Discounting releases the funds locked up in sales invoices, it has been around for more than 4,000 years. A customer’s client can typically raise up to 90% (and even 100%) of the value of their unpaid invoices with Invoice Discounting within hours using Invoice Discounting on a confidential basis and what’s more client’s never need to know. The business retains full control over their credit control function.

With bank overdrafts on the decline, Confidential Invoice Discounting is now considered as one of the quickest and easiest ways to free up working capital tied up in outstanding debtors without changing your credit control procedures. In the UK Confidential Invoice Discounting is one of the biggest growth areas particularly for small and medium enterprises.

Do not confuse Confidential Invoice Discounting with Invoice Factoring, as the two are actually totally different products.

How Does Invoice Discounting Work? – A Form Of Short-Term Borrowing

With Invoice Discounting, the business raises an invoice to their customer on their own company stationery. With Confidential Invoice Discounting, invoices are then sent directly to the customer by the business and then presented to the Confidential Invoice Company, usually electronically for payment.

The businesses Credit Controller continues to collect the outstanding invoices as normal (issuing invoices, collecting payments, issuing statements etc) ensuring good customer relationships are maintained. Confidential Invoice Discounting payments collected are simply banking into the Confidential Invoice discounting account. Once the payments have cleared, the Confidential Invoice Discounting Company will send back the balance owed, less their fee. 24/7 accessibility is usually provided to the Confidential Invoice Discounting account, with online administration to keep the business in control.

What Are The Benefits Of Invoice Discounting? – Invoice Discounting Delivers Improved Cashflow

Banks have returned to stricter credit criteria and there is limited accessibility to conventional lending. This has actually made Confidential Invoice Discounting services more popular among small and medium businesses today. Confidential Invoice Discounting allows customers to obtain working capital on the quality of their customers by financing outstanding invoices.

The principal advantage of confidential Invoice Discounting is that it gives a business an immediate injection of cash, usually same day or within 24 hours, and the facility grows as the business expands. Businesses using Confidential Invoice Discounting gain access to an on-going source of funds that is linked directly to sales and so a smooth cash flow is assured. Confidential Invoice Discounting can improve profitability as the business can pay suppliers earlier, buy in larger quantities, and also take advantage of discounts that are available with the instant access to additional cash. Unlike Factoring, Confidential Invoice Discounting leaves the customer in charge of its own sales ledger.

Confidential Invoice Discounting automatically adjusts to the rate of a company’s growth because the invoices trigger the required financing. Confidential Invoice Discounting, is a swift and simple process to access to cash ensuring growth without diluting equity, incurring debt or bringing in outside equity.

Can We Use Confidential Invoice Discounting? – Perfect For Larger Businesses

Confidential Invoice Discounting is an excellent way to improve cash flow and is appropriate for a diverse range of businesses, from distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, construction, recruitment and service companies. A business looking to use a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility must have a well establish and run credit control function, selling goods or services on credit terms either domestically or internationally.

Confidential Invoice Discounting is easily implemented within current finance systems, new sales can be notified automatically to the Confidential Invoice Discounting Company for ease of use. It’s up to the customer. With an Invoice Discounting facility, working capital grows in line with your sales; the facility is revolving, which means customers do need to make capital repayments, and that maximises available cash flow.

An advantage of Confidential Invoice Discounting is that it can sometimes be made available to businesses that may have little or no credit history or hard assets, like property.

Invoice Discounting is more flexible than other forms of finance because as your business grows and your sales increase unlike an overdraft, funding levels automatically grow alongside your business without the need for constant renegotiation, making Confidential Invoice Discounting a quick and easy way to free up working capital without changing your established control procedures.

We Will Find The Right Invoice Discounting Solution?

The UK Factoring and Invoice Discounting Helpline are one of the UK’s premier Confidential Invoice Discounting Advisors, which means we have the experience and are big enough to offer real quality and flexible enough to deliver a personal approach that is tuned to what your business needs, when you need it.

Our Confidential Invoice Discounting partners range from High Street Banks through to the Independent Confidential Invoice Discounting Market, both for full ledgers or single invoices. Confidential Invoice Discounting vendors have different approaches to invoice factoring we can source the right deal appropriate for your business.

If you are looking for a cost effective flexible way to raise money for your growing business Invoice Discounting should be strongly considered. Alternatively, if you would prefer to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing your credit control function, take a look at Factoring solutions.