Is Invoice Discounting Right For My Company?

Invoice Discounting can improve profitability as the business can buy in larger quantities at reduced costs, pay suppliers earlier, and take advantage of early settlement discounts that are available.

Is your company new and without a credit history? Are you undercapitalised? Business with high seasonal demands? Just growing?

Have you decided to purchase the interest of a partner, add a new product line or simply expand existing operations? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, Invoice Discounting may be the answer.

Fortunately, banks are not the only source of working capital. Money can be obtained quickly through accounts receivable Invoice Discounting where an ongoing line of credit can easily be established.

Invoice Discounting is a way to increase sales. Most companies cannot afford to carry many customers who pay their invoices much beyond 60/90 days.

Ever been forced to turndown profitable orders because of slow-paying customers or had to offer early settlement discounts cutting your margin.

Invoice Discounting goes hand in hand with your financial planning the more you invoice to credit worthy customers the more is made available. Invoice Discounting gives you some predictability in your month-to-month financial situations.