Invoice Discounting For Start-up Businesses – Flexible Solution Without Giving Away Equity

When considering a new business venture entrepreneurs are sometimes faced with a shortage of funds and need a to obtain working capital facility.

Confidential Invoice Discounting is a financial tool that has been gaining popularity in the past few years as traditional sources of working capital as banks have stopped lending to start-up’s or small businesses with poor credit or they just do not meet certain bank loan or overdraft guidelines.

Confidential Invoice Discounting companies do not focus on businesses financial history but on the credit quality of your customers and the service they are receiving.

Confidential Invoice Discounting has many benefits, especially for new, small and medium sized businesses. As opposed too traditional Bank Loans, Overdrafts and even some forms of Factoring. Confidential Invoice Discounting is a quick painless flexible solution without giving away equity:

  • Can be used by start-ups or newly established businesses
  • Is easy to qualify for, and does not necessarily require extensive trading track record
  • Does not rely on the credit worthiness of the business owner
  • Can provide a flexible line of financing, based on your sales
  • The facility will grow with you
  • Best of all its completely confidential

There are a lot of misconceptions about Confidential Invoice Discounting for start-up businesses. The two biggest myths are it costs too much and lack of flexibility. That may have been true in “the old days” but nothing could be further from the truth today.

What Are The Benefits Of Confidential Invoice Discounting?

Confidential Invoice Discounting for start-up businesses provides you with immediate funds to speed up your working capital cycle so you can pay suppliers, make payroll, broaden your range of products, increase stock, or start those projects that will expand your business.

As your sales increase, the Confidential Invoice Discounting facility will grow with you. You won’t be limited to a credit line limit as you would with a traditional lender:

  • You won’t have loan or overdraft covenants
  • No periodic loan reviews
  • No monthly loan payments to make
  • No more setting you current funding need against historical balance sheets
  • As you grow your sales, your Confidential Invoice Discounting Company grows with you.

The Flexibility Of Confidential Invoice Discounting – For New Start Business Or Very Small Business Wishing To Grow

The service can be tailored to your specific requirements. Some business owners do not realize that the Confidential Invoice Discounting comes with many options, all in the hands of the business, not the Confidential Invoice Discounting Company. The service is designed especially for new start business or very small business wishing to grow. For instance, not all invoices need to be discounted, single invoices and customers are satisfactory. The business decides which invoices to discount and which ones to retain.

The company, not the Factor, decides how long the relationship lasts. Flexible terms aware on offer from specific transactions to whole sales ledgers.

Speak to one our consultants at The UK Factoring & Invoice Discounting Helpline. Confidential Invoice Discounting is a cost-effective, efficient way for businesses to improve cash flow and it is not expensive. Selecting the right Confidential Invoice Discounting can be a crucial decision for your business we can take you though the options. Our team have advised customers for more than 20 years with businesses just like yours. For a free no obligation chat about your options please contact us.